Construction Net Machine

        The manufacture of construction net involves the production of various types of net materials used in construction applications, usually made of metal or synthetic materials.
        The functions of construction net are: protection of workers, prevention of debris falling from heights, building facade protection and residential netting. They are often installed in elevated work areas as well as in everyday construction areas such as scaffolding, bridges or building exteriors. If a worker falls, construction net acts as a buffer, reducing the risk of injury; In addition, construction nets are also often used to contain debris and materials generated during construction to prevent objects from falling and hitting pedestrians and adjacent houses, helping to keep the surrounding area of the construction clean.
        Construction net making machines must be assembled and programmed in strict accordance with the specifications to ensure the firmness and safety of the net. Then install it by a professional to ensure it is firmly fixed to reduce the risk of accidents.


Construction Net Making Machine Manufacturing

Construction Net Making Machine Production Flow

  • Choosing the raw material depends on the intended application and desired properties, such as strength, corrosion resistance or electrical conductivity.
  • The raw material is then passed through a mold to form filaments of various diameters. Then set the model and pattern according to the application of construction, and put it into the construction net making machine.
  • Once manufactured, the net can be cut to specific sizes or shapes to meet the requirements of construction projects. Packaging methods vary according to the type of net and its intended application.

Construction Net Making Machine 

Which machine can make this construction net ?

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