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Sports net warp knitting machine is an equipment used for weaving sport net . This machine adopts advanced EL electronic traverse automation technology, which can quickly produce a large amount of sport nets. Compared with traditional hand weaving and netting machines, it can improve production efficiency and save labor costs.

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Sports Net Making Machine Manufacturing

Sports Net Making Machine CHENYE

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Introduction of sports net machine
    Sports net warp knitting machine is an equipment used for weaving sport nets . This machine adopts advanced EL electronic traverse automation technology, which can quickly produce a large amount of sport nets. Compared with traditional hand weaving and netting machines, it can improve production efficiency and save labor costs.

Sports net warp knitting machines are widely used in the field of sports facilities;

1. Sports venues: football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts and other sports venues need to use sport nets for separation and protection. 

2. Outdoor sports fields: Outdoor sports venues such as parks, schools, and communities also need to install sports nets to delineate activity areas and protect the safety of participants.

3. Professional competition venues: Large-scale sports events and professional competition venues usually require specially customized sports nets. The sports net warp knitting machine can produce sport nets that meet the specifications according to the requirements of the competition venues.

4. Event venues: exhibitions and entertainment venues often use sport nets to delineate areas and separate them. This Raschel Machine can meet the needs of various shapes and sizes.

The emergence of sports net warp knitting machines has brought convenience and benefits to the sports facilities industry, and promoted the progress and development of sports facilities construction. Its high-efficiency production makes the production of sports nets, football nets, table tennis nets, and tennis nets easier, faster and more reliable, and provides a better venue environment for sports enthusiasts.
Sports Net Making Machine Manufacturing

Sports Net Making Machine Production Flow

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Production Flow 2

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Frequently Asked Question

Sports Net Machine FAQ

  • Q Do warp knits run easily?

    A In comparison with weft-knit structures, warp knits are typically run-resistant and are closer, flatter and less elastic.
  • Q How is warp knitting machine different from weft knitting machine?

    A Weft knitting and warp knitting are the two major varietiesof knitting. Weft knitting requires only a single yarn. One yarn for everystitch is used in warp knitting. Weft knitting is done either by hand ormachine whereas warp knitting is done by machine generally.
  • Q Is knitting business profitable?

    A Yes, knitting business can be profitable if you do it right, and you can even make a career out of knitting. Knitting machines can be quite affordable, but even high-end models aren't excessively expensive.But even if you don't end up with a multi-million-pound business, at the very least, you can make a bit of money out of something you love, and would be doing anyway – so it's a win-win, right?
  • Q What are the advantages of warp knitting?


    ● higher productivity rates than weaving.
    ● variety of fabric constructions.
    ● large working widths.
    ● low stress rate on the yarn that allows for use of fibers such as glass,  aramid and carbon.
    ● the creation of three-dimensional structures that can be knitted on double needle bar raschels.

  • Q What is the working principle of warp knitting?


    Warp knitting is defined as a loop-forming process in which the yarn is fed into the knitting zone, parallel to the fabric selvage. It forms vertical loops in one course and then moves diagonally to knit the next course. Thus the yarns zigzag from side to side along the length of the fabric.

  • Q What warp knitting fabrics could be produced from your double needle bar raschel machines?

    A Double needle bar raschel machines are used for producing three-dimensional textiles. Depending on your requirements, our machines can produce spacer textiles having thicknesses of from 1 mm
    up to approximately 65 mm. This technology is also suitable for producing seamless warp knits and fine lingerie fabrics.
  • Q What working width of your warp knitting machines?

    A Non-woven webs can be fed into the knitting zone above or below the yarn conveyor; two guide bars can be used for stitch forming. We will provide different models according to different mesh types, usually the smallest size is 40 inches (1m), for ordinary mesh, the largest size can be 435 inches (11.04m), for high-speed machines, usually the largest size is It is 260inches (6.6m)cm) in a gauge range of E 6 to E 24, and has a production speed of 1200 courses per minute.
Frequently Asked Question

Factory FAQ

  • Q Can we inspect the machine before delivery?

    A Yes, you can come and inspect the delivery. If you can not come, we have specialized engineer team to test the machine and inspect the delivery. We guarantee that you can receive a totally good machine.
  • Q Are you available for visiting the factory?

    A After covid 19 , China is now open to the all over the world, we are welcome all our friends and customers to visit our factory.in order to On-the-spot investigation of our company and production capacity.
  • Q Where is your factory?

    A Add:No.256,Mingxin Middle Road,
    Hutang Town,Wujin,Changzhou,Jiangsu,China
    Near Shanghaionly driving 2.5hours without traffic jam.
  • Q Why we chose Changzhou Chenye Warp Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd.?

    A We have the professional R&D team and QC team to make sure the high quality product for you. Second, the competitive price, which could ensure our customers benefit. What's more, we could not only provide the single device, also the whole production line.
  • Q Are you a manufacturer or trade company?

    A We are a professional manufacturer holding our own international trade for 27 years. For that we can better understand customer's needs and offer a reasonable price. 
  • Q What is your after-sale service?

    A Online service and we also offer factory trained servicemen to your factory for machine start up operator/maintenance training and repair service.Our net making machines are life-long service.


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