Sports Net Making Machine 

Sports net warp knitting machine is an equipment used for weaving sport net . This machine adopts advanced EL electronic traverse automation technology, which can quickly produce a large amount of sport nets. Compared with traditional hand weaving and netting machines, it can improve production efficiency and save labor costs.

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Sports Net Making Machine Manufacturing

Sports Net Making Machine CHENYE

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Introduction of sports net machine
    Sports net warp knitting machine is an equipment used for weaving sport nets . This machine adopts advanced EL electronic traverse automation technology, which can quickly produce a large amount of sport nets. Compared with traditional hand weaving and netting machines, it can improve production efficiency and save labor costs.

Sports net warp knitting machines are widely used in the field of sports facilities;

1. Sports venues: football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts and other sports venues need to use sport nets for separation and protection. 

2. Outdoor sports fields: Outdoor sports venues such as parks, schools, and communities also need to install sports nets to delineate activity areas and protect the safety of participants.

3. Professional competition venues: Large-scale sports events and professional competition venues usually require specially customized sports nets. The sports net warp knitting machine can produce sport nets that meet the specifications according to the requirements of the competition venues.

4. Event venues: exhibitions and entertainment venues often use sport nets to delineate areas and separate them. This Raschel Machine can meet the needs of various shapes and sizes.

The emergence of sports net warp knitting machines has brought convenience and benefits to the sports facilities industry, and promoted the progress and development of sports facilities construction. Its high-efficiency production makes the production of sports nets, football nets, table tennis nets, and tennis nets easier, faster and more reliable, and provides a better venue environment for sports enthusiasts.
Sports Net Making Machine Manufacturing

Sports Net Making Machine Production Flow

Production Flow 1

Production Flow 2

Sports Net Making Machine Working Video

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Frequently Asked Question

Sports Net Machine FAQ

  • Q Can the machine be used for both indoor and outdoor sports nets?

    A Yes, sports net machines can produce nets for both indoor and outdoor sports. In general,out door net need add UV to resistance the sunshine.

  • Q How do I maintain a sports net machine?

    A Regular maintenance is essential to keep the machine in optimal working condition. This includes cleaning, lubrication, inspecting components, and addressing any issues promptly. Manufacturers usually provide maintenance guidelines to ensure the longevity of the machine.

  • Q What materials are commonly used for sports nets?

    A Sports nets are often made from durable and weather-resistant materials such as nylon, PETPE or PP. These materials can withstand outdoor conditions and the wear and tear associated with sports activities.

  • Q Can the machine create nets of different sizes?

    A Yes, sports net machines are designed to produce nets of various sizes. Operators can adjust parameters such as mesh spacing and net length to create nets that meet specific sports regulations or facility requirements.

  • Q How much space needed to set up a sports net production line?

    A The amount of space needed to set up a fishing net production line can vary depending on the size and complexity of the production line. generally, a production line for fishing nets requires 200m2.

  • Q What is the output of sports net making machine?

    A It’s according the machine working width and net GSM,it is about 500-1000KG/24h.

  • Q What is a sports net machine?


    A sports net machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to automate the production of nets used in various sports, such as soccer, tennis, volleyball, It streamlines the process of creating nets by weaving material together, ensuring consistent quality and sizing.The machine's versatility allows for customization to suit different sports requirements.



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