Warping Machine CY

Beam warping is to use a warping machine to wind a comb-shaped yarn onto a warp beam at the same time, and weave directly on the warp knitting machine.

Warping Machine CY

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    Warping Machine CY Features

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    Chenye use 25mm steel plate,the frame thermal energy processing and multiple processing methods,it makes our machineS much more stable.
    Every detail is confirmed by the engineer countless times

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    Warping Machine CYWarping Machine CYWarping Machine CY
  • Warping Machine CY

    1.Suitable warp knitting beams 540(mm)*phi
    366×450 diameter(mm)/14"×pin17"(inches) or
    according to special customer customized
    corresponding spindle head
    2.Tension roller:passive roller device
    3.The entire head count:300 spindles(can be
    customized according to the needs of users)
    4.Warping speed: 100-800M/min
    5.Beam size: 21X21(inch)
    6.Yarn tension:200N
    7.Braking torque:1600NM
    8.Gas source: 6 bar
    9.Motor power: 5.5KW
    10.Head size(L*W*H):1750×880×830(mm)
    11.Overall size: about 15000X2000X2000

    Warping Machine CY Application
    Nets for agricultural, construction and sports use, such as shade net, green house net, shading net ,anti hail net,sport net,safety net,3D net,fabric etc.

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warping machine CY 

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Warping Machine CY Packaging & Shipping

1. Usually 40HQ container is used for shipment, and the engineer plans the space inside the container reasonably.
2. Additional accessories will be shipped in standard wooden boxes to ensure that the accessories are complete and in good condition
3. To ensure that the machine can arrive at your factory smoothly: fix the machine with a standard specification steel wire rope to ensure that the machine will not move; use plastic film to fully cover and spray anti-rust special paint to prevent machine parts from being damaged and corroded during shipment

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