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Shade Net Machine

        Shade net is a type of fabric designed to provide protection from sunlight. It is used in outdoor settings, such as gardens, farmlands, and greenhouses, to create a shaded environment that helps to regulate temperature, reduce sunlight exposure, and protect plants, animals, or people from excessive heat and UV radiation.
        Shade nets have different shading levels, usually indicated as a percentage, such as 30%, 50%, 70%, etc. These shading levels provided by the shade net will depending on the density of material and the percentage of sunlight. These shading levels need to be set before the shade net making machine works, and we can also customize different shading levels according to needs.
        These nets are available in different colors, including black, green, and beige, and they can be customized to suit specific shading requirements.


Shade Net Making Machine Manufacturing

Shade Net Making Machine Production Flow

  • Load the roll of raw material onto the warping machine. This is typically a large roll of plastic mesh or fabric.
  • Set the shade net making machine parameters based on the desired shade net specifications. This includes selecting the shading percentage, hole size, and net width.
  • Automated shade net making machines reduce the environmental impact of the industry and reduce energy consumption and material waste, which contribute to a greener manufacturing process.

Shade Net Making Machine 

Which machine can make this shade net ?

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