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3D Net Making Machine

        3D Net is commonly known as extra thick sandwich mesh, also known as 3D material or 3D spacer fabric. It is a new pure fabric material with excellent breathability, elasticity and support. It is increasingly widely used by manufacturers in industries such as mattresses, pillows, and car seat cushions that require good elasticity and permeability.
        Our 3D net making machine can produce mattresses, seat cushions, sleeping pads, pillow cores and other household items, as well as car seat cushions, helmet padding, shoe upper materials, stroller materials, etc.
        If customers need different 3D nets, we can provide customized services and order discounts.


3D Net Making Machine Manufacturing

3D Net Making Machine Production Flow

  • 3D net is typically made from natural fibers like cotton, or it can be made from polyester and nylon. The choice of material depends on the application.
  • Making 3D net requires more complex machines and processes.
  • The formed 3D net needs to be tested for breathability and elasticity to select the most comfortable net surface.

3D Net Making Machine 

Which machine can make this 3D net ?

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