Shrimp Cage Net Machine

       Shrimp Cage Net is a fishing equipment based on freshwater aquaculture. It is usually divided into square or round shapes, mainly supported by metal frame. This kind of net is easy to enter but very difficult to get out. These nets are usually placed in shallow water such as ponds or creeks.
        But under national policy, shrimp cage nets must be larger than three or four centimeters to allow the fry to escape and to protect the balance of the fish. The shrimp cage net is now mainly used in home breeding areas to improve the fishing effect, especially for fishing of farmed shrimps and crabs, which is very convenient and fast.
        This kind of shrimp cage net requires a specific shrimp cage net making machine to set a special mesh size and shape.


Shrimp Cage Net Making Machine Manufacturing

Shrimp Cage Net Making Machine Production Flow

  • Choose the appropriate net material, including nylon, polyethylene or other synthetic fibers.
  • Machine extruded or woven to form the net with the desired mesh size and thickness. Nets are usually supplied in rolls or spools.
  • Cut the net to the size required for shrimp cage net. Workers or machines assemble the cut mesh pieces into a cage net structure.

Shrimp Cage Net Making Machine 

Which machine can make this shrimp cage net ?

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