Dustproof Net Machine

        The dustproof net is made of high-density polyethylene as raw material, with a certain proportion of color masterbatch and anti-aging agent added to it. It is a kind of covering net that can prevent dust from flying. Mainly used in mounds, sand piles, coal yards and other fields.
        Dustproof nets can be made into various thicknesses and colors according to user needs. They have the characteristics of long service life and bright colors. Now the Environmental Protection Agency requires that the accumulated earth at the construction site be covered to avoid sand blowing. It is required to use dustproof nets on exposed buildings during construction to prevent dust from being blown by the wind to nearby residential areas and to reduce atmospheric particulate matter pollution.
        Dustproof net has many functions such as controlling dust, shading, cooling, moisturizing, preventing heavy rain, resisting wind and reducing the spread of insect pests.


Dustproof Net Making Machine Manufacturing

Dustproof Net Making Machine Production Flow

  • Choose the right material, such as high-density polyethylene. But the specific materials depend on what the customer needs.
  • The net is designed according to the specifications required by the customer and woven into the required shape and size using the dustproof net making machine. If the dustproof net design requires multiple layers to increase effectiveness, the process may involve stitching the layers together to form a unit.
  • The packaging of the dustproof net should prevent it from being contaminated and damaged during storage and transportation. We will also continue to invest in research and development to improve dustproof materials and manufacturing technology.

Dustproof Net Making Machine 

Which machine can make this dustproof net ?

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