Raschel Knitting Machine RS

This machine is used to weave knotless shading net ,bale net ,unti-hail net, purse net and breeding net etc.

Raschel Knitting Machine RS

Product Description


    Raschel Knitting Machine RS Features

    ● Strong, deformation-resistant welded steel construction
    ● Ensure the quality of each component, and make every detail almost perfect
    ● Machines for different applicants
    ● Suitable for round and flat yarns
    ● Low investment, high return.
    ● If you are a novice, we will provide a suitable complete process according to your needs

    Why Choose Chenye

    we are stable
    Chenye use 25mm steel plate,the frame thermal energy processing and multiple processing methods,it makes our machineS much more stable.
    Every detail is confirmed by the engineer countless times
    Every detail is confirmed by the engineer countless times

    Producing Line

    lf you have no experience, we are willing to help you and provide you with whole course service.

    Single Needle Bar Raschel Machine RS

    Application:  This machine is used to weave knotless shading net ,bale net ,unti-hail net, purse net and breeding net etc.
    Material HDPE,PP falt or mono yarn.
    Features: The machine is equipped with oiled cam mechanism and 3-rollers positive yarn let-off system with EBA.

    The Main Technical Specification:

    Needle Type:  compound needle
    Gauge:  E3、E6、E7、E8、E9
    Number of bars :  2~3
    Working Width:  130“,180“,220“,240“,260”
    Take-up Manner
    Two-roll friction batching device
    Two-roll friction individual batching device

       Main type

    Machine size

    Machine weight

    Main motor power

    Inching motor power




    ~5000 KG

    4 KW

    0.37 KW




    ~7000 KG

    5.5 KW

    0.75 KW




    ~8000 KG

    5.5 KW

    0.75 KW




    ~9000 KG

    7.5 KW

    0.75 KW




    ~10000 KG

    7.5 KW

    0.75 KW


    Raschel Knitting Machine RS Application
    Nets for agricultural, construction and sports use, such as shade net, green house net, anti-birds & wind protection net, building safety nets, scafold net, industrial net, football gate net & packing nets (for potato, onion, fruit) etc.
    RS-Raschel-Knitting-Machine-Application  RS-Raschel-Knitting-Machine-Application2

    Raschel Knitting Machine RS Catalogue



Raschel Knitting Machine RS Manufacturing

Raschel Knitting Machine RS Working Video

Machine Shippment

Raschel Knitting Machine  RS Packaging & Shipping

1. Usually 40HQ container is used for shipment, and the engineer plans the space inside the container reasonably.
2. Additional accessories will be shipped in standard wooden boxes to ensure that the accessories are complete and in good condition
3. To ensure that the machine can arrive at your factory smoothly: fix the machine with a standard specification steel wire rope to ensure that the machine will not move; use plastic film to fully cover and spray anti-rust special paint to prevent machine parts from being damaged and corroded during shipment

Frequently Asked Question

Raschel Knitting Machine RS FAQ

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