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Weft Insertion Warp-Knitted Stitch And Application Design

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Weft Insertion Warp-Knitted Stitch And Application Design

In the world of textiles and fabric engineering, there's a fascinating technique known as weft insertion warp-knitted stitch. This technique has garnered significant attention due to its versatile applications and unique design possibilities. In this article, we'll delve into the intricacies of weft insertion warp-knitted stitches, explore their various applications, and shed light on the innovative design aspects they bring to the table.

一、The structure of Weft Insertion Warp-Knitted Stitch

1. One or several yarns are periodically inserted between the coil backbone and the extension thread of the warp knitted fabric, which is called weft insertion.

2. The figure below shows the coil structure of the weft-inserted weave. From the yarn display relationship, we can see that the weft-inserted comb cannot be placed on the front bar (it cannot be hung), otherwise the weft-inserted yarn cannot be sandwiched between the backbone of the ground weft coil and the extension line. There must be at least one looping bar in front of the weft insertion comb. Unified use natural numbers for numbering, and the old Raschel machines use even numbers.



3. Relationship between weft-inserted yarns and preceding loop-forming yarns.


二、Application of weft insertion

1. Mesh-type

Weft-inserted warp-knitted fabrics, knitting chains and changing knitting chains can form various mesh warp-knitted fabrics together. The picture below is a diagram of the coil structure of the hexagonal mesh woven with two full bars. This kind of mesh fabric can be directly used in the field of hair nets and face nets, but it is more common to add a few bars to make lace fabrics. The weft-inserted mesh fabric with elastic yarns is widely used in the field of women' panties and other women's tights field.

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2. Lace type

Using weft inserts, large patterns can also be formed for curtains, tablecloths, etc. Flower-like fabrics essentially use weft-inserted yarns to form complex patterns on the ground tissue. Generally, more bars are used, among which two bars are used to weave the lace tissue. The picture below shows the lace formed by weft insertion and the curtains and tablecloths woven into it.


3. Fleece type

The second bar adopts the same direction of laying yarn, with few handover points, the fabric is soft, and the inserted weft yarn is very thick, which is obviously exposed on the surface of the fabric


4.The less-stretch type

The ground weave adopts knitting chains, coupled with partial inlays with large needle pitch lateral movement, which can greatly reduce the longitudinal stretch ability of the gray fabric while reducing the transverse stretch ability, forming a less-stretch fabric.


三、Characteristics of weft insertion

  • The weft-inserting bar is not used for laying yarn in front of the needle, but only for laying yarn on the back of the needle, so it must be combined with the looping bar to make fabric.

  • There must be at least one looping bar in front of the weft inserting bar.

  • The weft-inserted weave has less lateral extensibility, so it can be used as a less-extensible fabric, similar to woven fabrics.

  • The inserted weft yarn does not enter the needle hook, does not bend into a loop, and can use thick and hard yarns, metal wires and fancy yarns, etc., expanding the application range of warp knitting yarns.

  • The use of weft insertion can form effects such as mesh, plush, and complex patterns. Expanded the assortment of products.

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