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Vegetable Bag Machine

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Vegetable bag machine

1.What is the vegetable bag machine?

1.1 Introducing the Vegetable Bag Machine:

The vegetable bag machine is a Double-needle Bar Raschel Warp Knitting Machine, mainly used for producing various specifications of bags such as onion bags, potato bags, and fruit bags. The equipment is efficient, easy to operate, and convenient to maintain. The vegetable bag machine can be applied to various materials, such as HDPE or PP flat yarn and mono yarn.

Vegetable Bag

1.2 Vegetable Bag Machine structure and working principle

The vegetable bag machine is mainly composed of eight parts: the frame, main drive, circular knitting mechanism, pattern-setting device, warp feeding mechanism, fabric traction winding mechanism, slitter machine or creel, electrical control, etc. The main motor drives the main shaft to rotate, which in turn drives the needle bed, comb, and settling cam to operate according to their respective motion curves, coordinating with each other to achieve the weaving action.

1.3 Vegetable Bag Machine pattern-setting device

The pattern-setting device has two types: mechanical and electronic. The mechanical mechanism is stable with a single pattern, while the electronic operation is simple and convenient, allowing for flexible pattern changes.

2.Vegetable bag production process

According to different customer requirements, the raw material for the vegetable bag machine is mostly plastic flat yarn. There are two production methods for flat yarn.

One is to directly produce HDPE plastic flat yarn through a drawing machine (usually yarn thickness 0.02-0.04mm, width 1.2-1.8mm). It is typically wound on an inner warp Ø38X230 copper tube, and the tube is then installed on the yarn frame. The yarn is fed through the rollers on the machine into the needles for weaving.

The other method involves producing a smooth film through a blown film machine, then placing the film into a thread-breaking machine to break and stretch it into suitable yarn. This yarn is then directly fed into the machine for weaving into net bags.

Both methods have their characteristics. Using a yarn frame for yarn feeding allows for unlimited color choices and easy adjustment of bag width, but each yarn is independent, making tension control difficult and requiring higher operator intensity. Using a thread-breaking machine has high efficiency, simple operation, but can only produce bags in a single color, and the adjustment of specifications is limited.


3.Vegetable bag machine specification and scope of application

Typically, the working widths of vegetable bag machines are 170 inches, 220 inches, and 260 inches, and can be changed according to customer needs to produce bags of different sizes such as 80X50CM, 50X30CM, 30X40CM, etc. Bags can be made with different functions, such as tote bags, tied mouth bags, and bags for potato packaging machines.

4.Vegetable bag machine operational requirement

To ensure the machine works well, maintain the workshop temperature between 20-26℃ and relative humidity between 65-68%. The machine occupies approximately 60 square meters, with a power of around 15KW. The production capacity is 8000-12000 bags per day.

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